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Core Banking Teller Modernisation

December 11. 2009, under Blog with No Comments

The ground breaking first major Flex 4 project in the world started 1 year before Flex 4 was released on the beta tools and framework. The idea was this project was so large Flex 4 would be released by the time we’re finished so no point wasting on Flex 3 and then migrating to Flex 4. This was one of those cases where being conservative was a greater risk and in the end it paid off. Being so large we definitely had Adobes attention and we were instrumental in shaping the tooling products and framework to come.

The development took over 1 year, 24 developers a UX team of Interaction Architect, Designer and Business Analyst. 200 Transaction Screens, 3 Application Modules, 1 RIA OS, 3 widget app modules
Technologies used include building Spark components in Flash Builder 4 and Spark skinning using Flash Catalyst, WebOrb DataServices for remoting to .NET services, and WebORB Messaging SDK for real-time data push, Ignite Realtime OpenFire and Sparkweb for integrated enterprise IM client, FlexUnit4, ANT, CCNET, Asdocs, RFID Swipecard authentication with Flex App. Agile PMS with
Clinton Ennis lead the RIA OS team responsible for the successful delivery of the core client framework.
Dave Stace created all the Rich Graphic Designs in Adobe Illustrator which was then generated by Flash Catalyst.


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